What Are The Major Differences Between CBD Oil And Pain Medications?

CBD Oil vs normal pain medication

What Are The Major Differences Between CBD Oil And Pain Medications?

Unfortunately, normal pain medications often contain opiates. That’s not always the case, but it’s what has become all too common these days. You are also likely familiar with the opioid crisis. Over-the-counter pain medications don’t contain opiates, but they still contain synthetic ingredients. That is one of the major differences between CBD oil, which contains natural ingredients, and normal pain medications.

There is a stigma to CBD oil that perhaps needs to be erased. Yet it’s going to require a different type of marketing and one other significant change. You see, not only do companies sometimes market CBD oil in relation to marijuana, but some of them actually throw THC into the mix. To be truthful, some sources say that THC can’t be entirely eliminated from the mixtures.

Whether that is true or not, it would be trace amounts if there is an effort made to keep the THC out of the CBD oil. Furthermore, it’s not about the psychoactive effects; instead, using CBD is about pain relief and the treatment of specific medical symptoms. At this point, there is a reason to believe that the natural oil can help people with certain types of symptoms, and that includes pain relief.

Is there conclusive evidence? Science would say no for the time being, but some people would tell you yes. Plus if you compare natural cannabidiol oil to synthetic pills that contain opiates, in terms of pain relief there is no fight. Yet you don’t want to go with the lesser of two evils, so what gives?

Well, there is mounting evidence that CBD oil, without THC, can help people in all kinds of ways. If that’s the case, perhaps the medical field should pay it more attention. It is happening slowly, and that is kind of how it goes with any new concept for medicine. Cannabidiol oil, however, isn’t a new concept, technically speaking.

You can also make an argument for the fact that it being used to help treat pain is part of the ‘legalize it’ culture that has surfaced in recent years. Yet while that may be true in some ways, the people trying to use this oil aren’t trying to get ‘high.’ They are trying to treat pain symptoms, and the effects as mentioned are not supposed to have anything to do with getting high.

That’s more than you can say about certain types of pain medications. I even took 3 Ibuprofen one day thinking it was okay and had side effects that mimicked euphoria. Pain pills that contain opiates do much more than that, and they are killing people after they become addicted. It’s really unfortunate, and we need to put a stop to it somehow.

It goes without saying really that CBD oil isn’t going to kill anyone. Is it the right solution? Its effectiveness is still called into question. Yet you can certainly see how from this point forward it looks like that is going to be looked at more closely. If you are thinking about using CBD oil for pain, then you can look into its benefits and possible side effects more closely.

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