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MyoNatural for Seniors, Arthritis & Chronic Pain Management

If pain has become a way of life and you can't remember the last time you were pain free, or if you can't get to sleep and get enough rest, then MyoNatural™ is what you have been waiting for. Although MyoNatural™ will reduce any inflammation-related pain fast the first time you use it, the greatest benefits are derived from daily use. Pain happens when cell inflammation occurs. Other products just mask the pain with ingredients that cause cooling or warming sensations.

Salicylates that are found in most other pain creams are toxic and in rare cases overuse has been fatal. If you are presently using a pain cream on your skin, check the ingredients.

The toxic ingredients you are putting into your system with most other pain creams do nothing to address the pain where it is, deep in the tissues. MyoNatural™, with its patented all-natural delivery system goes deep, reducing inflammation, healing damaged cells and stopping the build-up of lactic acid that causes pain.

Many users have reported that by applying MyoNatural™ pain relief cream to the pain site at least twice a day, it has not only produced amazing results, but has also allowed them to stop the bad practice of taking pain pills every day. The continued use of oral painkillers can do serious damage internally.

MyoNatural™ is a completely natural formula, making it safe for everyone, and MyoNatural™ can be used to treat pain whenever it is needed.

Everyone's pain is different. What MyoNatural™ delivers is results. If MyoNatural™ does not help you we make you a simple promise: Ship it back and we will refund your money with no questions asked! Check our guarantee under customer care for our return instructions.

Help With Chronic Pain & Arthritis

Many seniors suffer from chronic pain and more specifically pain caused by arthritis. MyoNatural™ has been proven to be effective as a safe and effective method of arthritis pain relief. Many of our users have reported great success while using MyoNatural™ to treat arthritis pain of all types.

The pain, swelling, stiffness and limited movement brought on by arthritis is caused by inflammation of one or more joints. MyoNatural™ works as a natural anti-inflammatory to reduce the joint inflammation that is caused by arthritis and thus reduces the pain and stiffness and helps to greatly increase range of motion.

Senior Testimonials

I started using MyoNatural to help my lower back pain, something Ive suffered with for years. It was fantastic. After applying it, I was surprised to find that the excess I had rubbed into my hands relieved my arthritis pain. I spend a lot of my day quilting and painting and now, thanks to MyoNatural, I enjoy both of those activities without pain.

- Delia S. Sioux Falls, SD
Traveling Grandma

MyoNatural has been of great help to me in relieving the pain and swelling in an arthritic knee.

- Leon T. - CO

I am writing to let you know that I think that your product MyoNatural is great! I am 78 years old and I have been suffering with arthritis in my right knee for many years. I was not able to jog or play soccer with my grandkids for quite some time. I started using MyoNatural after getting a tube from my son. A few hours after rubbing some into my knee, I had greater mobility and I could go up and down stairs without any pain. I have been using it several times a day since then and I am now jogging and playing soccer without pain. Thank you for such a remarkable product. Keep the product coming!

- Pedro G.

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Doctors & Health Professional Testimonials

I have been using MyoNatural pain relief products in my practice for the past few years to help my patients with all types of pain related problems with unbelievable success! My patients that continue to benefit from the application of MyoNatural range from professional ALL-Star and ALL-Pros, Olympic gold medalists, Heisman Trophy winners, young student athletes, businessmen and women, and housewives. The head athletic trainer, Ken Crenshaw for the Arizona Diamondbacks has had such great success with the products that he gives MyoNatural his full endorsement!

- Dr. Tory Brooks - Licensed Chiropractor

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