Homemade CBD Lotion

How to make cbd lotion for pain managemnet

Homemade CBD Lotion

CBD (Cannabidiol) is made from the cannabis plant and is different than its counterpart THC. CBD will not produce a euphoric high whereas THC will. Therefore, CBD oil may be of little interest to a recreational cannabis user, but it is not a useless product. In fact, it is quite beneficial, and it is fast becoming known as a type of miracle cure for quite a few health-related issues. CBD is currently being studied for a lot of uses from acne to depression. However, it is mainly known as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Since CBD has so many healing and therapeutic benefits it has attracted the attention of the beauty industry as well. A CBD topical application can work wonders for anyone who is afflicted with irritating skin conditions or eczema. It is true that some of the best natural moisturizers that you can purchase for your skin contain incredible anti-aging and healing properties. This is perhaps the main reason why many pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies are investigating the wonderful benefits of CBD lotions.

What is truly amazing about this new discovery is that you can make a CBD topical solution at home. It is simply a matter of using some of the coconut oil that you have in your kitchen and adding it to the CBD oil. It is well-known that coconut oil also has many benefits for the skin. Therefore, you will be making an effective one-two punch, topical oil solution for your complexion.

When you purchase CBD oil, it is always a good idea to carefully check the concentration levels. Remember, the cheapest product is not necessarily the best way to go. Do not be tempted or fooled into buying an inferior product only to save a few bucks. Inferior CBD oils will lack the necessary concentration levels so as to provide the maximum benefits for your skin.

To create your own coconut and CBD lotion in the comfort of your home is as easy as following a few basic steps.

1- on a low heat slowly melt the coconut oil.
2- add whatever quantity of CBD oil to the coconut oil.
3- melt approximately 2 inches of beeswax in a separate pot.
4- after the beeswax has belted you can slowly stir in the CBD and coconut oil mixture.
5- if the consistency of the mixture appears to be too thin, then slowly add more beeswax until you feel that you have reached the desired consistency.
6- allow the mixture to completely cool and then place it into an airtight storage container.

That’s it! There really is nothing quite as simple as making your own CBD skin lotion. You can also experiment with the scent of the lotion by adding various essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, rose, or whatever you prefer. The wonderful benefits of CBD lotion are numerous. You can use it for pain relief or general skin care. Since this type of lotion is lightweight, it will not clog your pores which means that it is also an ideal facial moisturizer.

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