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MyoNatural FAQs

MyoNatural FAQs

Is MyoNatural™ effective for seniors?

Is MyoNatural™ doctor recommended?

Does MyoNatural™ help with arthritis pain?

Does MyoNatural™ help with back pain and joint pain?

Will MyoNatural™ help with pain management?

Is MyoNatural™ safe to use with my regular medications?

Will MyoNatural™ Work For My Type Of Pain?

What are the ingredients in MyoNatural™?

Is MyoNatural™ new?

Is MyoNatural™ for muscles or joints?

How long before a workout, practice or competition should I apply MyoNatural™?

How often can I apply MyoNatural™?

How long does MyoNatural™ last?

What sizes of MyoNatural™ are available?

How long will my supply last?

Does MyoNatural™ get hot?

When I do trail running events, I get a burn after several miles. Can I apply MyoNatural™ during my run?

I recently had ACL reconstructive surgery. Will MyoNatural™ provide me with any benefits?

Will MyoNatural™ help with shin splints?

I refer to myself as a "weekend warrior" who constantly suffers from plantar fasciitis. Can MyoNatural™ be used for this condition?

Does MyoNatural™ work on headaches?

Should I be concerned with any ingredients in MyoNatural™ that may interfere with drug testing of athletes?

Is there Aspirin, Ibuprophen, Methyl Salicylate (Wintergreen Oil), Trolamine Salicylate, or other toxins in MyoNatural™?

Does MyoNatural™ contain paraben, alcohol, or dyes?

Does MyoNatural™ contain any gluten or other grain-based products?

Is there Capsaicin in MyoNatural™?

Does MyoNatural™ contain any gluten or other grain-based products?

Can I use MyoNatural™ if I have diabetes?

If I am pregnant or nursing can I use MyoNatural™?

Can I use a heating pad while also using MyoNatural™?

Can I wrap the area where I have used the MyoNatural™?

Can I use MyoNatural™ to cool sunburn pain, in a tanning bed or sauna?

Can I use MyoNatural™ on insect bites or for poison ivy?

Can I use MyoNatural™ on an open wound or stitches?

Can I use MyoNatural™ to treat Fibromyalgia?

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