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MyoNatural For Athletes

Athletic Performance

Whether you run, bicycle, lift weights, or play competitive sports, using MyoNatural™ can enhance your performance. MyoNatural™ gives you the edge over your pain to push yourself farther and harder. Every athlete has experienced the pain of pushing to a new level - the sore, stiff muscles that hit you 24 to 48 hours after your workout. Athletes using MyoNatural™ say those are a thing of the past.

Injury Recovery

The chief cause of pain from athletic injuries is the nflammation that presses in on damaged tissue and compresses nerve endings resulting in pain signals to the brain. Masking the pain with heavy menthol cream doesn't help the underlying cause of the pain. Heavy doses of menthol simply overload pain receptors to mask the pain (not to mention they smell awful). With the pain masked, many athletes open themseleves to further injury by continuing to train or compete with inflammed damaged tissue.

MyoNatural™ is the only pain cream that targets inflammation with 6 different anti-inflammatory ingredients and a patented deep-tissue delivery system. So whether you're dealing with strained muscles, sprained ligaments, or bruising in joints and muscles, MyoNatural™ provides fast, effective pain relief.

Relief From Sore Muscles

Muscle damage and pain can occur from unaccustomed exercise that results in a temporary decrease in muscle force production causing swelling and sore muscles. We have all probably had a case of sore muscles after exercise that has a negative effect on subsequent exercise performance.

There are many different methods to maximize muscle performance during workouts and avoiding muscle pain and injury. Proper stretching and even massage is recommended to reduce muscle soreness, however there is limited evidence that these lead to performance benefits. Because MyoNatural™ has been designed to reinforce cells and tissues, this allows muscle cells to stay intact longer during workouts where they otherwise might break down. By decreasing the damage to muscle cells, this may also reduce the inflammation and pain associated with muscle soreness after workouts.

Athlete Testimonials

I use MyoNatural because I have no time for pain. Staying on top of my game means constantly being in the game, in motion. I donít want to worry about aches or bruises, and I donít want to take a lot of anti-inflammatory pain medications that build up toxins in my system. MyoNatural is my fast, natural way to deal with pain.

- Tom Brady - Boston, MA
Patriots Quarterback, 2-Time Super Bowl MVP

MyoNatural is my preferred rubdown before and after workouts and games. I've got enough to push through without pain slowing me down. That's why I've made MyoNatural a part of my game. It goes right to where the pain is and attacks the inflammation to keep me in motion.

- LaDainian Tomlinson - San Diego, CA
Chargers Running Back, NFL MVP

Especially now, I want to make sure that whatever I use for sore muscles during training does the job, while at the same time not jeopardizing my health later on. I want to be in good shape, not just for my career, but for my family the rest of my life. MyoNatural is the best pain cream Iíve found and has the added bonus of being all-natural.

- Lisa Leslie - Los Angeles, CA
Sparks Center, 3-Time WNBA MVP

After 14 years in the NFL, I understand pain and how to put it away with MyoNatural. Part of being strong on the line is being able to move free without pain slowing me down. Early in my career, I started working on natural ways to keep my body healthy and mobile. I wanted a good career in the NFL and a good life after the NFL. The long-term effect of managing my pain with MyoNatural is simple - I'm going to live a long, healthy life.

- Willie McGinest - Cleveland, OH
Browns Linebacker, 3-time Super Bowl Winner

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